Frogged Finance Synopsis

Frogged Finance
1 min readJun 13, 2021

FroggedFinance is a new bsc token that hopes to build a strong community around memes and hype. The goal is to create a viral meme token that will be self perpetuating, hopping from goalpost to goalpost, with the help of intriguing graphics and marketing.

The idea of building a community from a token is nothing new, but many start to fade after some time. We hope to be the exception and continue to grow the community and thus the token into a self sufficient entity. We not only hope to multiply the investments of prospective buyers but also get them involved in the community surrounding them. With a 10% liquidity fee the tokenomics aim to sustain the most important asset of a token, its liquidity pool, to provide a continually healthy liquidity to market cap ratio of over 10%.

In the future we want to branch out and give back. Most likely through charitable campaigns that involve the preservation and conservation of rainforests, the native territory of the frog.

In the near future:

AMA with Pogged

Coinsniper / Coinhunt listing

Coingecko listing if approved

Possibly in the far future:

Exchange listings

Merch and NFTS: the best way to showcase the artistic integrity of the Frog

Yield Farming: Partnering with a yield farm will give people incentives to provide liquidity to the token

FrogSwap, a dedicated place to buy and sell the FROG token



Frogged Finance

A new community centric meme token on the binance smart chain: